We perform waterproofing on all kinds of car parks, keeping them safe and durable for many years to come.

Our quality waterproofing involves methyl methacrylate (MMA), PU, EPOXY resin surfacing on all levels of the car park; waterproofing both the exterior and the interior, the car deck and the car ramp. This waterproofing includes an anti-slip surface and endless possibilities for decoration and design of the car park. For that extra touch, we also perform quality car park painting at request.

While its function is to keep cars safe, many business owners realise the vital first impression a car park gives off one's business. As it is often the first part of your business that a client will see, as they park their car, it is important to communicate the high standard you aim for and the quality of your business. There is no worse way to do this than to have your clients park in an unmaintained car park.

Give the car park a compelling look and communicate the high standard you and your company keep. We will not only make your business waterproof - we will make it look more professional and up to date than its current looks.

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